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 AFRIGO BAND -Oswadde Nyo

AFRIGO BAND -Oswadde Nyo

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About Afrigo Band - The Legendary Nonstop Mix

Afrigo band was formed in 1975 by a group of eight musicians led by their bandleader, vocalist, and alto saxophonist, Moses Matovu, who continued to lead the band on its 38th anniversary. Playing to their fans at home in Uganda, the group tours regularly in Europe and the United States to play to Ugandans in the Diaspora. He has been performing with the band since and is its leader, as of February 2015. The eight founding band members were: Moses Matovu, Charles Ssekyanzi
Jeff Sewava, Paddy Nsubuga, Paulo Serumagga, Fred Luyombya, Geoffrey Kizito, Anthony Kyeyune

As of January 2015, all except one of the founding band members had died. The band recruited replacements whenever a member left or died. Members of the band, past and present, include: Moses Matovu - Founder member, band leader, saxophonist, lead vocals, composer || Herman Ssewanyana - Congas || Charles Ssekyanzi Mutagubya - Vocalist, trumpet player, composer || Mansur Bulegeya Akiki - Tenor saxophonist || Joanita Kawalya - Vocalist, dancer || Rachael Magoola - Vocalist, dancer, Composer || Rashid Musoke (RIP) - member || Paul Serumaga (RIP) - Founder member || Godfrey Mwambala - member || Tony Sengo - member || Tonny Ssenkebejje - Solo guitarist (left) || Fred Kigozi - member || Peter Bazanye - Vocals || Joe Tabula - Vocals || Frank |Mbalire Guitarist/Vocals (left) || Edmond Ganja - Guitarist/Vocals || Sammy Kasule - Bassist/Vocals || Charles Busuulwa - Bassist || Eric Sabiiti - Drummer || Julious Nshaba - Drummer || Daniel Kaggwa - Keyboards || Isaac Zzimbe - Drummer (left) || Jacinta Wamboga - Dancer || Sarah Namiyonga - Dancer || Aminye Rhoose - Dancer

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