Did The Primark Girl Kill Herself

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 Teen dies after fight outside middle school

Teen dies after fight outside middle school

By : ABC13 Houston
Size : 2.27 MBDownload
 Kids dive for cover as gunman opens fire on Bronx sidewalk

Kids dive for cover as gunman opens fire on Bronx sidewalk

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About The Girl Who Was Shot To Death During A TikTok

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Stay tuned for the case of the TikToker Kalecia Williams, who died moments after filming a TikTok! Subscribe to Anna Solves for more true crime stories.

Kalecia Williams was born on July 22nd, 2004, and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She was super close to her family and had a lot of close friends, who nicknamed her “Pinky.”

Now, the pandemic and quarantine were super hard for a lot of teens, including Kalecia. Her step-dad said that unlike a lot of other teens, she didn’t mind being stuck at home that much, saying that she was happy as long as she had wifi and Netflix.

Her parents were kinda worried about her being cooped up in the house for so long, so when they heard about a chaperoned party coming up for some of the teens in the area, they encouraged her to go.

Kalecia’s step-dad, Ronney, brought up the idea and said it would be a great chance for Kalecia to socialize with other kids her age in a safe environment. Her mom, April, agreed and called the chaperone for the party to get the details.

They told April that everything would be totally safe and monitored. The party was going to happen at an Airbnb where they had permission to have guests and throw the party. Since mostly everyone going was Kalecia’s age, her parents literally had no reason not to believe their daughter would head to the party, have a good time, then come home safe and sound.

That...isn’t what happened.

The party was to take place on December 26th, 2020, the day after Christmas. The holiday spirit already had everyone in a great mood, so Kalecia was excited to go out and have some fun with her friends. She got all dressed out and was picked up by the chaperone, unaware that when she went out the door that day, it was the last time she’d see her home and her family.

From the get-go, the whole situation was kind of...off. It turned out there was no Airbnb, and the party was gathering at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta. Pretty weird thing to lie about, right? There’s a lot of rumors as to why this was the case, ranging from the “chaperone” wanting to make sure Kalecia’s family couldn’t find her to a simple booking error that lost them the Airbnb.

The chaperone had sponsored a stay for children at the hotel, which is basically when an adult pays for a room for a minor to stay in by themselves. Keep watching to find out how this tragic story ends...

A massive search was underway for Cleo, land and sea emergency services scouring the area for any sign of where she’d gone. And, of course, with an investigation this big, the media got involved pretty quickly. Keep watching to find out how this story ends!

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