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 Luludiva - Mama (Official Video)

Luludiva - Mama (Official Video)

By : LuluDiva
Size : 4.33 MBDownload
 Lulu diva - Kawaida (Dance Challenge)

Lulu diva - Kawaida (Dance Challenge)

By : LuluDiva
Size : 4.14 MBDownload

About Lulu Diva x Dulla Makabila - Jini Gani

Lulu Diva aka DIVANA is the most promising new era bongo fleva artist with lots of hits since her career inception. She well known and crowned the name Diva because she has a nice look, a healing and seductive voice and she is a great performer which makes her a unique and differentiate her from other female artist in the region. She has partner with Dulla Makabila popular known as the King of Singeli and produce the hit JINI GANI.

JINI GANI is the song that tells about a lady who is possessed by demons and the demons start to make a list of demands, then the girl boyfriend call a help from an elder so that he can calm the demon. The elder speaks out to the demon and ask who are you and what do you want? and that is where the word JINI GANI emerge.

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