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 Hade Sithum (හදේ සිතුම්)

Hade Sithum (හදේ සිතුම්)

By : Pasindu Vikasitha
Size : 4.88 MBDownload

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Thank you for all the love from Tiktok, You guys Are Amazing!! 🔥✌

ALL CREDITS GO TO ORIGINAL ARTISTS!! Both intellectual property honors are owned by the appropriate parties. We do not own any of the song's, video's, lyrics, or songs. The above cover was produced for the purpose of entertainment. The original artist is the rightful owner of the copyrights. Can this meager attempt serve as a tribute to the original artists.

Here I am back with a favorite of yours with many beloved artists.
I have tried to stay true to the beauties of the original while adding my own unique blend. Hope you will enjoy!

Original Songs & Credit

Ma Hade Sithum
•Artist - D - Tap
•Lyrics - Dayan Arawinda
•Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Tharindu Roshan @ D-Tap Music

Dakina Dakina

• Singer | Kushani Kavindya
• Rap | Dulan ARX
• Music | Chamath Sangeeth
• Mix & Master | Chamath Sangeeth at CS STUDIO
• Lyrics | Dulanja Alwis (Dulan ARX)


•Artist - D - Tap
•Lyrics - D TAP
•Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Tharindu Roshan @ D-Tap Music

Langa Langatama

•Artistes | Thiwanka Dilshan Ft. Shan Putha
•Music Produced by Dilshan L Silva
•Lyrics | Lasitha Jayaneththi Arachchige
•Rap Lyrics | Shan Putha
•Directed by Charuka Dushyantha
•Production | SGM Tunes


Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Thusith Niroshana @T - Lab Studios

Cover Vocals | @SHAVIN
Music Rearrangement | SHAVIN
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by SHAVIN @ SHAVIN Records 2021

🔥 Many asked me to do a Full Cover of the Song and Here It is; 😊Thank you for all the love you gave me ! 🥰💕

Much Love,
2021 SHAVIN 😉

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