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One of a kind! (he he )

When I look back at the far I have come, I get emotional *2
Dusk to dawn I am always out singing my songs just to put money on the table….. *2
My daughter keep asking where her daddy is, but daddy is always out singing*2
Daddy cannot sleep home, he is out singing, singing to make ends meet*2
This talent that God gave me to put food on my table, why some people feeling bad about it*2
The hatred that is spewed at me is what motivates me to work even harder each and every day!
Our possession!
(Indah, Our possession!
Wuod Nyandare, Our possession!
Ogwela, Our possession!
Our possession has been blessed by God….
Our possession does not despise anyone….
Our possession is not jealous…
Our possession knows no violence….
Our possession is blessed by God…
Before I start my day I pray to God*2
Before I end my day, I go before God*3
At dusk i pray to God.
You need to know that the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom*2
That which is asked from God is given to us…
Why would you want to mess that that the Lord has put His hands upon
Do not waste your time, God lives…
Do not waste your energy, God lives…
Do not waste your money, God lives…
No one owns music…*2
Even Remy Ong’ala has sang about this in the past…
What do you have in your heart that steals your peace?
What is it in your soul that steals your happiness? (Mamaaa eh)
Why don’t you listen to songs that bring joy!
Listen to songs that bring you happiness!
As Malaika we are here to bring you Joy!
Pius Omudho: Let’s bring the joy….
Wuod Awino Misinga: Bring the joy…..
Kwach Ka Jennifer: Bring the joy…..
Tangi Wuod Ugenya: Bring the joy….
Wuon Opunyo: Bring the joy…..
Ciku from Kisumu: Bring the joy….
Atunga from Kisii: Bring the joy…
Aloma Nyamadongo: Bring the joy….
Ochibo of Nyakadongo: Bring the joy…
Wuod Fibi: Bring the joy….*2
The music you are listening to brings joy!
You can even go ahead and ask Osito Kale-Kale*2n
The son of Nyandare, Our possession!
Indah, Our possession!
I tell you, Our possession!
Ogwela, Our possession!
The son of Achieng’ God has His hands upon Our possession…
Our possession despises no one!
Our possession, knows no violence!*2
O. P. I MEDIA G-27
People around you are only happy when you are not of sound mind…
They become very happy when you are reduced to being a beggar…*2
People around you are happy when you are struggling…
They become so excited when you are a beggar
They like to see you struggle…
They are dressed in sheep skin but they are wolves…
Trying to walk like sheep but they are wolves*2
What have you heard them say?
Those busy talking about us, what are they saying?
The name tarnishing is all in vain!
He that talks behind your back, fears you!
PATO you are far above those that talk ill of you!
Ratego son of Mbita you are above them!
You are far above gossips filled with jealousy! *4
You can never please human beings!*2
These people even whipped Jesus,
They crucified He who that brought salvation to mankind!
Who am I compared to Jesus!
If anyone tries to look down upon you tell them this
“I don’t care if you love, I don't care the hate for me!"
what is important is that God loves me!”
What I am sure of is Gods unconditional love and that is what matters! *2
Our possession!
Indah, Our possession!
I tell you Our possession…

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